Robert Bridson

I work in a variety of fields from my home in Richmond, BC; see below for a taste of my interests.


As a composer my chief focus is writing music which will be enjoyed by the performers. I particularly enjoy chamber strings and choral writing, but have made forays into orchestral and song writing as well. A number of my works are available freely at IMSLP.

Recordings of various performances available on SoundCloud:

Math, Computer Science, and Film

Professionally I research numerical and geometric algorithms, mostly for the simulation of physics to support visual effects in film. I am currently a Senior Principal Research Scientist with Autodesk. Before that I was an associate professor (now adjunct) in computer science at the University of British Columbia; visit my old home page at I also cofounded Exotic Matter in 2008, a start-up which produced fluid simulation software used in many major films, beginning with Avatar (2009).